SIPA Arrested KK in Connection with Terrorism

This morning (15/4/2015), police officials of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) arrested the individual identified by initials KK (1976) due to grounded suspicion of having committed the criminal offence under Article 202d Paragraph (2) of the CC B&H, in conjunction with the criminal offence under Article 201 of the CC B&H “Terrorism“.

The individual is suspected of having participated in activities that may be brought in connection with terrorism.

A residential building used by the suspect was searched upon orders of the Court B&H and Prosecutor’s Office B&H to detect and seize items that may serve as evidence in further proceedings. Firearms without proper documents and other items were found and seized during the search.

Following criminal processing in SIPA premises, further status of the arrested individual will be decided upon the instructions of the acting prosecutor.