In continuation of operation „Istok“ one individual apprehendned

2/9/2018 - Police officials of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) apprehended one individual and temporarily seized assets, due to reasonable grounds to believe that the person has committed a criminal offence "Smuggling of Persons", as referred to in Article 189 of the Criminal Code of B&H. The activities were conducted in cooperation with the police officials of the Ministry of Interior of Tuzla Canton, upon the verbal order issued by the attending prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of B&H.

While carrying out regular tasks and duties of traffic regulation and conducting vehicle checks in Stupari, Municipality of Kladanj, police officials of the Ministry of Interior of Tuzla Canton found the migrants from Pakistan without identity documents in a Mercedes-Benz van. The above-mentioned vehicle is under police escort accompanied to the Kladanj police station, where it was determined that there were 32 illegal migrants in it.

The apprehended individual was brought to SIPA premises for criminal processing.

In accordance with the instructions of the acting prosecutor, further measures and actions are undertaken.