Cooperation with Croatian MoI

SIPA Apprehended Three Individuals for Forging of Documents in Operation Codenamed „Art“

Early this morning (22/9/2015), Police officials of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), within the framework of the joint operation codenamed „Art“, apprehended three individuals and searched premises in six locations in the area of Orašje and Šamac. The mentioned activities were conducted on the orders of the B&H Court and Prosecutor's Office.

Operation „Art“ has been carried out in coordination with the Croatian MoI, which also conducts apprehension of a number of suspects and search of premises in its territory. The operation is the result of the several months’ investigation conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, aimed at gathering evidence and documenting illegal activities of suspects.

Individuals identified by initials JP, MM and ŽJ were apprehended in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the grounds for suspicion of having committed criminal offence under Article 249 of the B&H CC „Associating for the Purpose of Perpetrating Criminal Offence”, in conjunction with criminal offence under Article 373 of the FBiH CC “Forging of Documents”. The mentioned individuals are suspected of making and selling, in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic Croatia from 2013 to 2015, various forged documents: passports, ID cards, driver licenses, as well as police badges and official ID cards of police agencies, intelligence services and military-security services of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia and other countries from the region. They also made and sold different diplomas, certificates, and other documents.

The apprehended persons will be brought to the SIPA premises for criminal investigation. Thereafter, the persons, along with the Report on the Grounds for Suspicion on the Criminal Offence and Perpetrators, will be handed over to the B&H Prosecutor’s Office for further proceedings.

During the search, SIPA police officials discovered and temporarily forfeited a number of police and military badges and official ID cards, travel and other documents, suspected of being forged, as well as other items which may serve as evidence in further proceedings.

In addition, in the course of the follow-up activities, one individual was apprehended in the area of the Republic of Serbia, while premises in numerous locations are being searched aimed at discovering and temporary forfeiture of items that may serve as evidence in further proceedings.

While working on this case, a close cooperation with the Croatian MoI members was established, in accordance with the MoU on the Police Cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Information was exchanged on a daily basis which contributed to regional fight against crime.