One individual apprehended

Kozarska Dubica: SIPA found a large quantity of weapons and military equipment

Yesterday (18/10/2017), by taking measures and actions within its competence, police officials of the State Investigation and Protection Agency found and temporarily seized a large quantity of weapons and military equipment in the area of Kozarska Dubica.

Actiong upon the orders of the Basic Court in Kozarska Dubica and the District Prosecutor's Office in Prijedor, SIPA police officials searched one facility in the area of Kozarska Dubica. During the search, the following assets were found and temporarily seized: 15 different rifles, six hand grenades, five handguns of different caliber, nine rifle scopes, three firelocks, one silencer, seven big knives – bayonets, 468 small-caliber bullets, 330 pieces of handgun ammunition, 1180 pieces of rifle ammunition, one bullet for browning, 21 piece of safety fuse and other assets that can be used as evidence in further proceedings. The mentioned activities were carried out with the support of police officials of RS MoI.

One individual was apprehended due to grounded suspicion of having committed the criminal offence of Illegal Manufacturing and Trade of Weapons or Explosive Substances, set out in Article 361 of the Criminal Code of Republika Srpska. The apprehended individual was brought to the SIPA premises for criminal processing, after which he will be handed over to the competent Prosecutor's office for further proceedings, along with the report on committed crime and perpetrators.

The activities within this operation will be continued intensively, with the aim of fact finding and crime solving.