Headlines Taken out of Context

After the "Dnevni avaz" newspaper in its electronic edition for April 3rd, 2009 published a text titled "Lujić would apprehend Dodik, and thinks that the Court and Prosecutor's Office conduct politically manipulated processes", we inform you on the following:

At the press conference held today at the State Investigation and Protection Agency's (SIPA) headquarters, regarding the Agency's new web page the reporters asked SIPA's Director, among other things, questions relating to the current situation within SIPA, and activities that the Agency is implementing or will be implementing.

One of the questions was: "Will SIPA be apprehending the politicians of B&H?", to which Direktor Lujić answered: "We will act upon an order legally submitted against anyone. It has not been a problem for SIPA so far, not only in the past few years. We have no issues on whom we will apprehend and how."

The next question was: "Not even Milorad Dodik?", to which Direktor Lujić said: "No one."

To the question whether he was worried because of certain accusations that SIPA was a part of politically manipulated processes, Director Lujić answered: "Politically manipulated processes, at least in my understanding of police work, are conducted at the Court and Prosecutor's Office of B&H. SIPA is the service of the Court and Prosecutor's Office of B&H and some other Prosecutor's Offices, and I suggest that you direct such questions to these institutions."

It is clear from the above mentioned that not a single politician is mentioned by name in the responses of Director Lujić, nor do they claim that the Court and Prosecutor's Office conduct politically manipulated processes. It is obvious that in this case the headlines are taken out of context and cannot be confirmed in the text that follows, thus harming the Agency.

For the purpose of timely and truthful public informing, we ask you to publish this information in full in your media.