BH on Coalition List against IS Terrorists – Contributed by OSA and SIPA Efficiency

In the “Dnevni avaz” newspaper issue of 21 September 2014, an article titled “BH on Coalition List against IS Terrorists” was published. The article states that BH, according to information by “Dnevni avaz”, is on the list of countries of the global anti-terrorist coalition against the radical terrorist organisation Islamic State from Syria, as announced by the State Department.

The article states that BH took measures to prevent a deployment of volunteers in foreign battlefields by adopting a law few months back that sanctioned the departure of BH nationals to foreign battlefields and joining foreign paramilitary formations.

Experts estimate that the position of BH in the anti-terrorist coalition was greatly contributed by professional and efficient work of the Intelligence Security Agency BH, among others, as well as a recent operation by the State Investigation and Protection Agency code-named “Damask”, as stated by the “Dnevni avaz” article.