Ambassador of Italy to B&H and his associates visited SIPA

Today (05/10/2017), H.E. Nicola Minasi, Ambassador of Italy to B&H and his associates visited the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and met with SIPA Director Perica Stanić.

Since this was the Ambassador's first visit to SIPA, director Stanić acquainted him with basic aspects of SIPA's work, its competences and role in the security system of BiH. The current security challenges in BiH and worldwide have been discussed, with special focus on fight against terrorism as a global threat as well as other types of organized crime.

Another topic of the meeting was the successful completion of the IPA 2013 Western Balkans project: “Fight against organised crime: International Cooperation in Criminal Justice”, which will be marked at the ministerial conference in Trieste in October 2017. Italy is a leader of the IPA 2013 project, while SIPA participated in a series of activities carried out during the previous period, with the aim of strengthening the overall capacity in fight against organized crime and the improvement of international cooperation. The importance of those activities has been pointed out, bearing in mind the current trends and transnational character of organized crime.

The Italian Ambassador and SIPA Director expressed satisfaction with the successful previous cooperation and the belief that it will be continued and further enhanced in the next period.